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08/21/2018    Portland, OR @ bOSSANOVA baLLROOM W/ THE rEAL MCKENZIES
07/19/2018    North Plains, OR  @ NW String Summit w/ Yonder Mountain String Band 
06/30/2018    Bend, OR                   
@ Volcanic Theatre
06/29/2018    Medford, OR            @ Walkabout Brewing
06/28/2018    Reno, NV                   @ Jub Jub’s Thirst Parlor
06/27/2018    Las Vegas, NV          @ Beauty Bar
06/26/2018    Phoenix, AZ              @ Trunk Space
06/24/2018    San Diego, CA          @ Casbah
06/24/2018    Ventura, CA             @ Vans Warped Tour
06/23/2018    Long Beach, CA       @ Toxic Toast Theatre
06/22/2018    Sonora, CA               @ Winter’s Motherlode
06/21/2018    Pacifica, CA              @  Winter’s
06/20/2018    Garberville, CA      @ Stone Junction
06/17/2018    Portland, OR           @ Mississippi Studios w/ Ceschi + Cousin Boneless
05/26/2018    Seattle, WA               @ Blue Moon Tavern w/ Banshee Tree
05/25/2018    Seattle, WA               @ Key Arena for NW Folklike Festival
04/15/2018    Portland, OR             @ Tonic Lounge w/ Joe Jack Talcum (Dead Milkmen) 
04/13/2018    Portland, OR             
@ Dante's w/ Goddamn Gallows + Koffin Kats
03/16/2018    Portland, OR             @ Twilight Bar w/ Beggars Canyon

12/29/2017   Portland, OR              @ Dante's w/ Larry & His Flask
11/12/2017    Portland, OR              @ Local Celebrity w/ Tejon Street Corner Thieves
11/11/2017    Eugene, OR               @ Campbell Club w/ Tejon Street Corner Thieves
11/10/2017   Olympia, OR               @ Hobbit Hole w/ Tejon Street Corner Thieves
10/01/2017   Portland, OR              @ Landmark Saloon for Fall Cascadia Rendezvous Festival
08/10/2017   Portland, OR              @ Tonic Lounge w/ Juicy Karkass
07/27/2017   Heppner, OR              @ Ruckus in the Boonies Festival w/ Urban Pioneers
06/24/2017   Portland, OR             @ Dante's w/ Headcat
05/28/2017   Portland, OR             @ Secret Society
05/27/2017   Olympia, WA             @ Texas House
05/26/2017   Bremerton, WA         @ the Charleston
05/25/2017   Seattle, WA               @ Funhouse
05/24/2017   Moscow, ID               @ John Alley Tavern
05/23/2017   Missoula, MT            @ Badlander
05/22/2017   Billings, MT              @ High Horse Saloon
04/15/2017   Astoria, OR               @ Charlie’s Chowder House
03/17/2017   Portland, OR             @ Ash Street w/ Rum Rebellion and Wages of Sin

12/30/2016:   Hillsboro, OR  @ Intel Jones Farm for RAIN Refugee Assistance Fundraiser
11/02/2016:   Portland, OR   @ Alberta Street Pub w/ Jack Maybe Project  
08/20/2016:   Portland, OR   @ Blackwell’s w/ Tejon Street Corner Thieves & Shootdang
06/18/2016:   Portland, OR   @ Ash Street Saloon w/ Tejon Street Corner Thieves
05/19/2016:   Portland, OR   @ Laurelthirst w/ Joe Kaplow
03/17/2016:   Portland, OR   @ Ash Street Saloon w/ Rum Rebellion


This is not your grandparents' folk music. From Portland, Oregon the Bridge City Sinners take old folk songs and original tunes in the direction of a punk rocker. They are a revolving cast of characters, banjos, clarinets, washboards, bass guitars, violins, and boot stompin' fever. Toxic Toast records will be pressing their Debut album on Vinyl in early 2018.

 Lead singer Libby Lux and upright bass player Scott Michaud infrequently started playing music together on the streets of Portland, Oregon over six years ago. They would meet up without rehearsal nor a plan with other various street musicians to sing at passer byers. Years before that, on their separate journeys, they traveled, hitch-hiked, and howled at the moon across the United States, Canada, and Mexico. In hobo fashion, they earned what they’d eat and roofs over their heads by the papers and coins tossed into their hat. 


Through their years of wandering, they were able to pick up a rich catalog of songs passed through the traveling / busking community. In 2012, their mutual best friend and lead singer of folk-punk band Profane Sass, passed away when he fell off a train in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In a way the Bridge City Sinners are a homage to keep his spirit alive and continue passing along the music they all sang together on the streets, hidden in trains, and in living rooms across the continent. They formed the Bridge City Sinners in start of 2016. 

They now have jobs; they now have stable living quarters. They plan on playing a few local festivals and touring in the Summer of 2018.

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